Nvidia RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 could release later this year


Rumors suggest that Nvidia could be releasing the GeForce RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 graphics card in the fourth quarter of this year, 2024.

In October 2022, Nvidia released the first RTX 4000 graphics card, the RTX 4090. The flagship graphics card of the RTX 40 series is all set to get its successor, the RTX 5090.

While the RTX 4090 has been unchallenged when it comes to performance. The performance and the release dates of its successor is a point of contention.

A year ago, it was rumored that Nvidia will not release the RTX 5000 graphics cards till 2025.

Since then, more rumors have come forward. Including the rumor that the RTX 5090 is likely to come with 512-bit memory bus and 32GB of VRAM.

Now, we are getting some idea that Nvidia might release the RTX 5000 starting from this year itself.

RTX 5090 & RTX 5080 May Release This Year

Taiwan based Money UDN reports (translated), via VideoCardz and Club386, that Nvidia board partners (like ASUS, MSI, others) expect that Nvidia will launch the RTX 5090 and RTX 5080 later in fourth quarter of this year itself. Quoting them:

As NVIDIA storms into the AI ​​business, graphics card-related products also continue to introduce new products. Board card manufacturers expect that Nvidia’s latest RTX 50 series graphics cards will be unveiled in the fourth quarter. Initially, they will focus on top-end and high-end 5090 and 5080 product lines. The legal person is optimistic that the launch of Nvidia’s biennial GPU refresh will help board card manufacturers ship shipments this year and will drive up the average unit price (ASP) of graphics card products.

Well known leaker @kopite7kimi too has confirmed, not once but twice, that this news is true.

Interestingly, the report talks about GPU refresh. Which might be either mistranslation or a mistake. As all rumors suggest that RTX 50 will be a completely new generation.

Graphics card board partners are hoping that with the release of flagship graphics cards, their earnings too will increase with them.

The RTX 5090 might use GB202 GPU and RTX 5080 might use GB203 GPU. Interestingly, RTX 5080 is possibly going to come with just half the performance of RTX 5090. This is based on the rumored GPU sizes.

Initially, only flagship graphics cards will release, as always. It’s only later when Nvidia will release the mid-range and budget-range variants.

Prices Of Budget Graphics Cards To Increase

The Money UDN report also mentions that the prices of the budget graphics cards in the GTX 16, RTX 30 and RTX 40 series are all set to increase.

The increase is going to be as big as 10% and graphics card board manufacturers are going to benefit from it.

This is in addition to the high demand in some regions of the world, which has increased the graphics card prices further.

It’s likely that the prices could get cut again when Nvidia releases their successors, but don’t expect it to happen a year at least, if not more.

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