AMD’s New Ryzen 8000G CPUs Aren’t Selling Much In Germany


AMD Ryzen 8000G APUs are similar to Ryzen 7000 CPUs, but with relatively powerful built-in GPUs. The Ryzen 8000G lineup includes Ryzen 8700G, 8600G & 8500G.

Several days ago, AMD released the Ryzen 8000G series of APUs. The AMD Ryzen 8000G APUs are similar to Ryzen 7000 CPUs, but with relatively powerful built-in GPUs. The AMD Ryzen 8000G series lineup includes AMD Ryzen 8700G, Ryzen 8600G & Ryzen 8500G series of processors.

While Ryzen 8700G has a high MSRP of $329, Ryzen 8600G sells at much lower, at $229. Ryzen 8500G is even cheaper, at $179. But Ryzen 8500G isn’t recommended for gaming due to it containing smaller Zen 4c cores and even lower powered iGPU.

When the reviews for the Ryzen 8000G series were out – mostly Ryzen 8700G and 8600G, most reviews praised how powerful the iGPUs inside them were. It was seen that the GPUs inside the Ryzen 8700G and Ryzen 8600G were performing twice or double the speed of what was found in the previous-gen Ryzen 5000G series.

In fact, it was found that these Ryzen 8000G series were as good as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti in gaming performance. An APU equaling a discrete graphics card is something which is not heard of before.

But what about the sales. How much are these processors actually selling. Now we have some idea about them.

Bad Ryzen 8000G Sales

Twitter (now X) based poster @TechEpiphanyYT is well known for posting weekly sale details for CPUs, mainboards and graphics cards sold on Germany’s top retailer Mindfactory.

In the latest Mindfactory CPU retail sales data shared by @TechEpiphanyYT, the Ryzen 8000G series seems to be hardly selling.

The most selling CPU remains AMD Ryzen 7800X3D with 1140 units sold in a week. For the record, Ryzen 7800X3D is dominating the CPU charts since almost a year. The second on the list is AMD Ryzen 5600X with 390 unit sales, thanks to the value it offers. The third on the list is the timeless AMD Ryzen 5800X3D with 350 unit sales.

But what about the newly released AMD Ryzen 8700G APU? It’s lamenting way back at thirty number in that list, with just 25 unit sales in a week.

Now, this may not seem a big deal. However, its predecessor, the AMD Ryzen 5700G, has sold 50 units as per the same list. The even cheaper AMD Ryzen 5600G has sold 120 units during the same period.

Also, where is AMD Ryzen 8600G. Its sales are so less that it’s not even in the top 45 list. This could be a point of concern for AMD.

Another thing to look at is when @TechEpiphanyYT shared a preliminary list a week ago. In it, the list showed both Ryzen 8600G and Ryzen 8500G lamenting way back, in among the worst selling CPUs.


There could be many reasons why AMD Ryzen 8000G isn’t selling much in Germany – a country in which AMD is doing good these days.

It can be that it’s a new product and people aren’t aware about it. It could also be that AMD has priced it too high – something which have spoken about before. The Ryzen 5000G series can be too attractive for the buyers, thanks to its current price.

For example, the Ryzen 5700G is available for just $169 on Amazon.com. Compared to that, Ryzen 8700G is selling for $329.

One more thing to mention is that these charts are just from Germany. We don’t know how these new APUs are doing in other countries. These APUs usually do better in developing countries in Asia.

Whatever it could be. AMD might need to take a look at it properly.

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