Intel To Release 14-Gen Non-K CPUs In January Next Year


In addition to the release dates for the non-K 14-Gen Intel i9-14900, i7-14700, i5-14600, i5-14500. The details of i3-14100 and i5-14400 processors leak too.

About a year ago, Intel released the Raptor Lake series of the processors. After that, everyone thought that Intel will succeed it with Meteor Lake series, which uses an entirely new architecture.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Intel decided to not release Meteor Lake for desktops and reserve it only for notebooks and other mobile PCs.

Instead, Intel decided that for desktops, it will release a refresh for the Raptor Lake series in the 14-gen version of its CPUs. This refresh, in simple words, is nothing but the same Raptor Lake series processors with minor improvements in the clock rates.

About a month ago, Intel released the K series version of unlocked Intel 14-Gen Raptor Lake Refresh processors. This included the Core i9-14900K/F, i7-14700K/F and i5-14600K/F processors. For the record, K series processors allow overclocking, while non-K processors don’t.

However, non-K processors in the series wasn’t released or announced. It looks like that’s going to change now.

Intel 14-Gen Non-K CPUs To Release In January

Well known Twitter (now X) based leaker ECSM_Official has leaked (via VideoCardz) the release dates for the 14-Gen Non-K Intel Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs.

The tweet reveals that these CPUs will be released on the 8th of January 2024. Which is just a day before a major tech show starts.

The non-K CPUs that are likely to be in the Intel 14-Gen Raptor Lake Refresh series are going to be:

  • Intel Core i9-14900 / F
  • Intel Core i7-14700 / F
  • Intel Core i5-14600 / F
  • Intel Core i5-14500 / F
  • Intel Core i5-14400 / F
  • Intel Core i3-14100 / F

The F versions, which is an additional option, come without any built-in iGPU inside the CPU and require a dedicated graphics to run the computer.

i5-14400 And i3-14100 Specs Leak

In addition to the release dates, ECSM_Official in his tweet and followup tweet has also leaked the specs for the i5-14400 And i3-14100 CPUs.

As expected, the screenshots show that the Intel i5-14400 will come with 6 P-Cores and 4 E-Cores equaling 16 threads, running at 4.1GHz and 3.5GHz respectively. With the package power reaching 85W in the test.

Meanwhile, the screenshots also detail the specs for Intel i3-14100. It comes just 4-P Cores and no E-Cores, with 8 total threads. It seems to be running at 4.5GHz with the CPU package power reaching just 68W.

Interestingly, the i3-14100 seems to be based on the H0 silicon, which basically means it’s nothing but the same Alder Lake generation CPU being refreshed and sold as 14-Gen Raptor Lake Refresh.

The tweet gives screenshots of synthetic benchmarks for both the processors, so those who want to check them should. However, synthetic benchmarks only give some idea of real world usage, the best are gaming benchmarks.

The reviews, we expect, would come on or around the release dates. Only then will we actually come to know. They will tell us how faster, if at all, the 14-Gen Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs are going to be when compared to previous-gen Raptor Lake CPUs.

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