Specs Of 14th-Gen Intel Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs Leak

Just 200MHz increase in boost clocks.


Desktops, unlike others, are not going to get Meteor Lake processors. Instead, desktops will get a Raptor Lake Refresh. More specs about it have leaked.

Some time ago, Intel announced that starting with the Meteor Lake generation of processors, it would switch to a tile-based architecture. This was a change from the usual monolithic CPUs we usually see from Intel.

There was a good reason for this change. Making smaller tiles is cheaper and less likely to result in defective chips. Additionally, AMD started doing something similar with its Ryzen processors, giving very good results depending on how one sees it.

However, to everyone’s disappointment, it was revealed not so long ago that Meteor Lake would not release on desktops. They will be limited to mobile computing devices like notebooks and others. Desktop users will have to wait for 15th-gen Arrow Lake CPUs to get their hands on the new tile-based design.

Desktops, however, are going to get a Raptor Lake Refresh from Intel. Which is rather concerning as some of the CPUs in Raptor Lake itself were a refresh of the previous-gen Alder Lake series.

Either way, while we do know that the 14-gen Intel Raptor Lake Refresh is going to release in the later part of this year, we didn’t know about its specs. Now we do have some ideas.

Raptor Lake Refresh Specs

A few days ago, well-known Twitter-based leaker chi11eddog leaked some information about the specs of Intel’s 14-gen Raptor Lake Refresh processors. However, that information was incomplete, as it didn’t have the CPU speeds in it.

However, today, the same leaker shared more information for all the non-K series processors in the Intel Raptor Lake Refresh series.

In the tweet, it is revealed that almost all the processors in the Intel Raptor Lake Refresh series get very minor improvements.

They get a minor boost of 200MHz, except for the Intel i5-14400, which will get only a 100MHz improvement over the previous-gen version, as noticed by VideoCardz.

Another minor but important change is going to be the Intel i7-14700, which will see the E-Cores increase from 8 cores to 12 cores. This is in addition to the 3MB increase in L3 cache on the same CPU.

Otherwise, there seems to be no difference between the Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh processors from Intel, at least as per the leaks.

Specs Table

To make people understand, we have made a simple table from the leaks above. It contains the specs of both Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh processors.

ModelP-CoresE-CoresL3 CacheMax Boost Clock
i3-13100 / F4012MB4.5GHz
i3-14100 / F4012MB4.7GHz
i5-13400 / F6420MB4.6GHz
i5-14400 / F6420MB4.7GHz
i7-13700 / F8830MB5.2GHz
i7-14700 / F81233MB5.4GHz
i9-13900 / F81636MB5.6GHz
i9-14900 / F81636MB5.8GHz
Intel Raptor Lake vs Raptor Lake Refresh Leaked Specs. Refresh is in blue. Changes are marked in bold. Leak credit: chi11eddog. Table credit: OurDigiTech.

We are not mentioning threads, as it would overly complicate things. That’s because Intel P-Cores have hyper-threading, which means two threads per core. But the Intel E-Cores don’t have hyper-threading.

Interestingly, there are no K models in the list, as mentioned previously. We don’t know what the specs of K models are, but it’s likely to have a similar 200MHz increase in the clock speeds. What’s also interesting is that these boost clocks are similar to what the K series offered in the previous-gen Raptor Lake.

As for performance, expect a very minor increase in performance in the Raptor Lake Refresh because of just a 200MHz increase in the boost clock. The only performance that will raise interest will be in the CPU in the i7 series.

As for pricing, chi11eddog mentioned in the previous tweet that he expects it to be the same as the original pricing of the Intel Raptor Lake series. However, PCGamesHardware (translated) via TechSpot, reports that Intel intends to increase the price of all the Intel processors.

Update: In an statement to Tom’s Hardware, Intel has dismissed the possibilities of any price hikes for now.

It’s going to start releasing in the later part of this year. By that time, we will have confirmed specs of them.

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