Performance Of Intel’s 15th-Gen Arrow Lake CPU & GPU Leaks


Intel’s internal documents showing the performance of 14th-gen Raptor Lake Refresh and 15th-gen Intel Arrow Lake Core processors for desktops have been leaked. CPU gains are unexciting, however, GPU gains are massive.

Some time ago, Intel announced that the 14th-generation of Intel Core CPUs, that is, Meteor Lake, would have a tile-based design. In it, the processor will have five different tiles, a CPU tile, an SoC tile, an IO tile, a GPU tile and a base tile. This is different from a single monolithic CPU, which we usually get from Intel.

However, to everyone’s disappointment, it was later revealed that Meteor Lake processors would not be released on desktops. Instead, desktops will get Raptor Lake Refresh with higher clocks than the 14th-generation CPUs. Desktops will have to wait until 15th-gen Arrow Lake processors get the new tile-based architecture.

We do know that Raptor Lake Refresh will release later this year in Q4 and Arrow Lake is expected to release starting Q4 next year, in 2024. However, until now, we didn’t know what type of performance benefits Raptor Lake Refresh and Arrow Lake would provide. Now we have some ideas about it.

Arrow Lake Performance Leaked

Intel 15th-Gen Arrow Lake CPU Performance
Credit: igor’sLab.

A well-known German-based tech news reporter, igor’sLab has leaked internal Intel slides showing the performance of two different generations of its desktop CPUs.

There are a few things visible in the slides. First, the internal slides have the current-gen Intel Core i9-13900K at their base for comparison. Second, Intel has fixed the P1 and P2 power usage levels in Raptor Lake to 250W and Arrow Lake to 253W. This suggests that, unlike previously rumored, Intel Arrow Lake will not have any improvements in power usage.

Coming to the main performance part. The Raptor Lake Refresh has just 4% max gains over the current-gen Raptor Lake processors. This is understood because Raptor Lake Refresh is just current-gen processors clocked higher.

The 15th-gen Arrow Lake processors, however, show variable performance increases in different tests. In some tests, it’s showing just 6% gains over Raptor Lake. In others, it’s showing 21% gains. Though the average seems to be around 10%.

Intel 15th-Gen Arrow Lake CPU Performance Projection
Credit: igor’sLab.

Though this is just preliminary information, these CPU performance improvements, if true, are rather unexciting. Having said that, expect Intel to optimize the CPU further to increase its performance. Let’s hope that the 21% improvement in a multicore test is then seen across all the single and multicore tests.

Massive GPU Boost

Intel 15th-Gen Arrow Lake GPU Graphics Performance
Credit: igor’sLab.

Another massive thing that the leak reveals is the performance of the built-in GPU inside the Intel Arrow Lake processors. It is stated that Intel will use its Arc-based Xe LP GPUs inside the Arrow Lake processors. These lower-powered, Arc graphics cards based iGPUs seem to show a massive boost compared to the current-gen Raptor Lake processors.

As per the leaked slides, the iGPU inside the Arrow Lake processors will have a 220% to 240% increase in performance. This is unbelievable and massive. If this turns out to be true, then it’s going to be a game-changer for Intel. This means that one could easily play games at common resolutions and lower settings without the need for any dedicated graphics cards. This could rival the APUs that AMD is expected to release later.

New Socket & New Coolers

LGA1700 and LGA1851 Socket Compared
Credit: BenchLife.

Intel Alder Lake, Raptor Lake and Raptor Lake Refresh have one thing in common. They all use the LGA1700 socket for the CPUs. The 15th-gen Arrow Lake processors, however, will come with a newer LGA1851 socket. Which means newer motherboards will be required to power them.

But the newer motherboard isn’t the only requirement. As per igor’sLAB, the LGA1851 socket again changes the Z-height and contact. While getting a cheap and compatible cooler for Alder Lake and Raptor Lake itself is not easy. It seems that Intel has again made sure that one will need to either buy a new CPU cooler or a new mounting kit for it. These mounting kits are not available for cheap everywhere in the world and sometimes they are even more expensive than the CPU coolers themselves.

Whatever it maybe. It would be interesting to see what actual improvements Intel Arrow Lake CPUs release with.

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